Born and raised in rural Illinois, spending a lot of time outdoors gave me a deep appreciation for nature.     Being an observer, seeing things many people will walk past without noticing, allows me to share a different perspective.   Capturing the essence of a subject is a challenge I have always enjoyed.  Working with people knowing they are letting me into their personal space, and revealing a piece of themselves is an honor and a privilege. I've been photographing since I was a teenager, had a career in a job that did not feed my soul, and decided to take the leap and live my life dream of photography full time.

Life challenges have made me more compassionate, and sensitive to others.  I'm perceptive and respectful when to approach a subject in any situation. Drawn to documentary work with subject matter close to my heart.  My oldest brother Eric was severely handicapped,  my baby daughter Courtney had Downe's Syndrome, and my mother and I are both breast cancer survivors. 

The flip side of the coin is my love of humor.  Being a huge Gary Larson fan and lover of science, I relate to my animal subjects as if they are speaking to me. Inanimate things come to life while observing them, and  silly scenarios emerge.   Gratitude, humor and love are the keys to a healthy attitude. 

Organizations worked or volunteered :  Hospice of Hillsborough County, FL, heART and soul studios, LLC, Habitat For Humanity International, Boggy Creek Gang Camp, Begin Again Children's Grief Center.  My goal currently is to raise money to accompany and photograph Mary Dailey Brown's organization SowHope in action.  Please check out what this inspiring woman and her husband Doug have accomplished helping impoverished women around the world.  It would be wonderful to work along side Mary, and to make this happen, profits from card sales and prints will go toward this effort.